PlayTell is a software and an app designed to provide parents with peace of mind; daycare staff with a quick and easy-to-use reporting system; and administrators with a powerful management tool. 
3 different users, needs, platforms - all connected through 1 system
The tablet platform - used by the staff
Designed to document detailed daily activities and to provide the care taker with important information about the child (such as allergies, nutrition, etc.)
Design goal: Easy and fast documenting process that saves the staff time and effort.
(Prototype demo of user journey at the end) 
The mobile app - used by the parents
Parents get updates about activities (documented on the staff's tablet); communicate with the daycare and each other; have access to useful information; view live camera.
Design goal: to provide one app for all matters regarding daycare and daily updates.
(Prototype demo and promotional clip at the end)
The desktop platform - used by administrators
Serves both as the back-end system for the tablet and mobile apps, and as an ALL IN ONE administrative tool to manage enrollment, staff, supplies, etc. All organized in a powerful and comprehensive system.​​​​​​​
Prototype Demos for each platform. See how it all works
Promotional clip for the mobile app. Motion graphics

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